Repair Remodeling Contractors

I would be happy to recommend someone to you. Rather than list a bunch of names here, that may change and might you get a disconnected number. Please call me/email me and I will get you the name & number of the contractor I think can handle the job.

Just so you know, I don’t accept money from the companies I recommend to you. I may get a free lunch once in a while, but if you have a $5,000 remodel job, they aren’t paying me a $500 finders fee.

I recommend contractors based on what kind of job they do, not on what they are paying me.

* I have “handyman” type companies that can do a most anything large or small.

* I have painters and sheetrock repair companies.

* I have companies that can do large jobs from total kitchen and bath remodels to anything you can think of.

* If you are looking for a contractor that I don’t currently have one of, I can email the agents in my office. We constantly update each other on great contractors. I recently had a past client email me for the name of a chimney sweep. I did not have a company for this service, I emailed the Keller Williams agents in my office, and received the names of 5 different companies that we could recommend.