Relocating to Austin

The best thing I have found I can do for people moving to Austin is a reduction procedure. No don’t panic, we aren’t going jogging or going on a diet. If you have never lived in Austin or even if you have (it’s changed a lot in the just the last few years). With just a brief phone call or email, I can help you narrow down the areas of Austin that fit your families criteria. If you can describe what you are looking for, off the top of my head I can usually tell you some great areas. And once you give me some specific info I will send you a search of the areas most likely to fit your needs. Most of the relocation folks I work with don’t have tons of time to look. Your company wants you working, not looking at houses. You may need to get kids in school, or have a spouse who needs to job hunt.  So you don’t want to waste valuable time scouting areas that don’t work for your family. I can immediately cut the time it takes to zero in on the right neighborhoods for you. I have worked from Westlake Hills to Georgetown, Lake Travis to Pflugerville, West/Central Austin to Leander and most neighborhoods in between. And with my experience in the building business, I probably know who built in an area and if they were a quality builder.

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