New Construction

I spent almost 15 years in the new home business in sales & sales management. I was on the opposite side of the desk in the builder’s model home you will be going into. Or I was at the corporate office deciding if I would sign off on your contract. The knowledge I possess can be very helpful to you. Most real estate agents cannot tell you how a home is built, so there ability to help you is limited.

In my career, I have walked hundreds of lots and looked at hundreds of blueprints and made changes to them. This will make your job a whole lot easier. My job is to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

I have seen many of the mistakes you are about to make. Here are just a few.

1. No perfect home has every been built, yours will not be the first. If you think it will be, this will be one of the most stressful events in your life.

2. About 15-20% of the lots in the neighborhood you are going to build in are not good lots. You may not see it, but you will discover it when you try to resale your home. Remember the builders sell every single lot in their neighborhood…that’s right someone buys the bad ones too.

3. The builder will have from 5-15 plans available for you to pick from. A couple of these plans are great, most are average, and several are awful. Again you will discover this when you try to resale the home.

4.You WILL GO OVER BUDGET, you better have a plan.

5. You will ask or be asked to close before your home is completed.

6. You will think you are being offered a great deal…when you are not.

7. You will depend on the builder to inspect their own home.

8. Will be quoted an unrealistic time frame to build the home.

9. Not everyone should build a new home. There is a sizeable group of people, who shouldn’t build, are you one of them?

10. Don’t have anyone with real building knowledge to help you when a problem comes up. The builder’s salesperson is just that, the builder’s salesperson. He or she works for the builder, don’t forget that, because they don’t forget who they work for.

11. Get a lot with a great view or tons of trees. And then end up with a plan that doesn’t take advantage of the view, or one that you must cut the trees all down to get on the lot.