Jester Estates

Jester Estates…MLS area 1N… Jester is in the Austin MLS area 1N…Jester sits high on a hill with a large swath of dedicated parkland around it. It is very near the intersection of 2222 & 360.  There are about 700 homes +/- in Jester, and just two ways in and out. Because of where it is, you should have no cut thru traffic. So this is a good spot to jog, ride a bike in your own neighborhood with little traffic. Jester has its own neighborhood pool and tennis courts.
In my opinion, the builders who built the homes here were very good. Several semi custom builders built the majority of the homes. But there were a number of custom homes built here also. Lots of different styles and architecture to chose from. As Jester was being built out, they discovered habitat for two endangered birds. The “Black capped Vireo and the Golden Cheeked Warbler”, if memory severs me correctly. And the developers donated permanent habitat to be able to continue building. So there is a large area on several sides that is heavily wooded and looks beautiful.
As you might guess some of the homes backup to the habitat & have a greenbelt yard. In general thou the size of the lots, and backyards is on the small to average size. Although if you are willing to wait, you can find a home with a large yard.
Kids attend the Austin schools in the NW Hills area of Austin. Most people I know like these schools.
Price range in Jester…from the mid 300’s to mid 500’s is the majority of where home prices will fall. If you can wait, you can find some homes in the lower $300k price range . And there are some larger custom homes that sell for well above these prices.
Jester has a small retail space on the 2222 side with a number of businesses. And you are only minutes from the Arboretum, & the Domain for shopping.