Golf Courses

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Great news if you are moving to Austin, and are a golfer. We have a ton of great courses to play, with something for every budget. We have nice walking courses, and those most of us can’t walk, but have great scenery.

I play, so I thought I would give you my thoughts on some of the courses I have played.

The city courses

Austin is blessed with some really nice city courses. In fact I don’t really think we have a bad one. They are usually in very nice condition. Don’t think you are coming out to play on some worn out patch of dirt. For the number of rounds that get played on the city courses, the crews do a great job of keeping them in top shape.

  • Muny/Lions municipal6001 Yards …Owned by the University of Texas and leased to the city. UT recently did a study and has plans to turn the land Muny is on into a development of some type. So unless we can pull a rabbit out of the hat we may lose this great course.

Muny is one of the easiest courses around Austin to walk. It is not long, but it is tight, lots of trees. Unless you are real straight you won’t use your driver as much as normal. Features the famous “Hogan Hole” on the back nine. Back when I played better, this is the first course I broke “80” on.  Not that I broke “80” that many times, but you remember the first time.

Morris Williams6637 Yards …This course used to be right across the street from the airport (the airport has been moved). So just as you set up for that six foot side hill putt, a plane would come in to land right on top of you. But those days are gone, and I enjoy playing here. You can bring your driver here. This will be a good test for the average player, playing from the back tips. Lots of interesting holes.

Jimmy Clay…6857 Yards…I went to the University of Texas and my freshman year summer job was working for a company that built golf courses. And we built Jimmy Clay and Great Hills Country Club. This is the second and only other course I broke “80” on. And I was very proud of this. Clay is pretty long and I did not use a driver when I broke “80”. Played the “whites” if I remember right. But you will need a driver, pretty open, you can spray the ball and not get killed. Depending on which hole it is. Pretty flat for the most part, with a few uphill holes, and some long par 3’s. Ohh, watch out for the water, it is on a lot of holes. Challenging but rewarding course.

Roy Kaiser…6749 Yards…A links style layout, that I like to play. Has several great holes that depending on the wind, can kill your round. Pretty flat as you would imagine for a links style with some water on a number of holes. A fun yet challenging course

Clay and Kaiser are side by side with one pro shop for both of them. Great practice faculties and ample parking.

Austin has some nice daily fee courses too

Avery Ranch off 45/620 to the North of Austin…Nice practice area…course always in very nice condition when I played there. Nice course with some challenging holes.

Bluebonnet Hills…to the east of Austin…walkable course with nice practice range with a view of Decker Lake. Not a real hard course but enjoyable, does have a great par 3 over a lake.

Blackhawk…located in Pflugerville to the North East of Austin. ..Every time I play here the wind is blowing lol. Very flat course and you can break out the driver.

Grey Rock…Located in Southwest Austin…pretty hill country course, I always found challenging…Usually in excellent condition.

Forest Creek…located just to the East of Round Rock…usually in very nice condition…not very long about 6500 yards…a number  of holes you don’t use a driver.

Pine Forest….Located in Bastrop to the East of Austin…I have not played here in a while. But if you get tired of your normal courses and want to make a day of it somewhere else, try this out. The course runs along the Colorado River and the club house had one of the best burgers I ever had. Has some challenging and interesting holes, not a walking course though.

Riverside Golf Course…Used to be home to the old Austin Country Club…I believe it is now leased back from Austin Community College…Close to town, just off Riverside Drive…walkable too.

Shadow Glen…In Manor to the East of Austin. This is one of the   newer courses in the area and I have only played it a few times…This is not an easy course. You will have to play it a few times to figure some of the holes out and how to play them. If you are a good player and want a little more challenging course, give this one a try.

Teravista…Located in the Northern Part of Round Rock…easy to get to off I-35. This course has always been in very nice condition when I have played it. ..5 different tees…rolling terrain.

This is just some of the courses, you can play a different course almost every week if you are willing drive an hour or so.


Austin has a number of private clubs with a variety of layouts and membership fees for every budget. I have played a few of them.

BALCONES/SPICEWOOD…Located in Northwest Austin off 183…Two courses to play here. Probably one of the most reasonably priced clubs to join. The legendary Jackson Bradley was an instructor here, and I was lucky enough to have several lessons from him…Courses wind thru the Balcones and Spicewood neighborhoods lots of trees.

GREAT HILLS…Located in Northwest Austin not far from the intersection of 183 & 360…If you want to join a private club and not have to drive far, this may be a good fit for you…I have played here many times and like the course. Several challenging holes, and pretty scenery with a creek winding it’s way thru.

RIVER PLACE…In Northwest Austin near the intersection of 2222 & 360…I have played here many times …Challenging course, but I never cared if I had a bad round here. It is a beautiful piece of property with lots of terrain changes and views for miles. Had a bad week and just want to be out in nature, here you go.

ONION CREEK…Located in Southeast Austin just of I-35, easy to get to. This is where the senior tour got going…27 holes to play…I always putted horribly here, lol as the greens were faster that the courses I normally played…pretty course.

This is just a few of the courses in and around Austin. Hope you have a good round!