Getting Your Home Search Started

Is it time to find that home with a view, or a home in a great school district, or maybe it’s just time for change? Well whatever the reason I am here to help, and this guide will take you thru the buying process.

Ready to search for homes? Use my map on the home page to start. I spent a lot of time trying to make this the most advanced search you could find. And at the same time make it easy to use. This site has in depth commentary not just a top ten list of things to do. I want you to be knowledgeable about how things work. I allow you to search ALL HOMES, by ALL BROKERS, not just homes by a select few brokers. Or I can set up a search for you, with your criteria that will arrive like the morning paper everyday. Just contact me and let me know what you need.


I would say yes.(ok I am prejudiced) Remember at some point in time you are going to find a home you want to write a contract on. You will need to fill out about 18-25 pages of legally binding documents. If you don’t have your own Realtor, who will fill out the documents and present the offer? Do you want the listing agent of the property to do it for you? Who will he be representing, you or the seller? Having your own buyer’s agent might just be very helpful.


1.Timely information and Analysis

Provide you with up to date information on the market in general and also what is going on in specific areas. Only Realtors can access the latest data on what homes sold for in Texas. Zillow and sites like it, can’t provide you with that data in Texas.

2. Save you time

Help you narrow down your search & free up your time. Most of my clients are busy, they don’t want to spend every weekend for the next 6 months looking at homes. When I can, I preview homes for my clients and show you the best ones. Plus I can help you see 10 homes in the time it would take you to see 2-3 on your own.

3. Help you pick the best financing options

Sometimes the lowest rate is not the best choice. The internet is rife with companies that cannot deliver on their promises. You find this out at the closing table when it is too late. I can help you to get preapproved vs prequalified. A big help to you if there is more than one offer a seller is considering.

4. Picking the right home in the best neighborhood

Imagine 2 homes, in very similar but in different neighborhoods.

Now imagine that one home appreciates at just 2% a year more than  the other home. On a $150,000 home that adds up to  $15,000 in five years.

Not bad you say. But on a $500,000 home a 2% difference is $50,000 in 5 years. Imagine if I came to you, and said that I had a plan that would allow you every five years to go down and get a new Lexus, BMW or Mercedes worth $50,000 totally free. You would think that was a great plan. This is what I help you to do.

5. Negotiating Successfully for you

This is where experience pays off. I will help you draft your initial offer & give advice on how to structure it, & negotiate with the seller and their agent. Many people don’t get the home they want, because their initial offer was not structured correctly. We want to get the home for the lowest price possible, without insulting the seller. Remember it is difficult to insult someone and then ask them to do business with you. Sometimes this is a fine line to walk, & where I can help. You will also be negotiating the sales price, financing, closing times, option periods, escrows and many other items.

6. Home inspection/Option Period

The Option Period is usually the most stressful time in a real estate transaction. Many sellers mentally think that everything is settled with the contract signing. Only to find they must reopen negotiations to affect repairs.

After your offer is accepted, you will want to do a home inspection. I attend all my inspections & ask that at least 1 of the buyers be present also. The inspector will do his inspection and show us what he has found. We now determine what needs to be repaired/replaced and how it will be paid for and when. There are several options here. We can draw up a list of items and ask the seller to fix them. Or we can determine what it would cost to fix them and take the amount off the sales price. Some items I like to have the seller take care of, and some I prefer to hire our own contractors and do it after closing. Those are the things we can discuss. The negotiation of the repairs is when a lot of contracts fail. Sellers and buyers often cannot agree on the terms or cost. Again an experienced Realtor can guide you thru this.

7. Closing

Preclose walk thru to make sure no damage has occurred to the home since the last time we saw it. Go over and preview closing documents & consult on any concerns you may have. Attend the closing and attend to last minute details. And help to arrange movers and assist with vendors for any repairs you might wish to make.